Orange Eyeshadows

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Today's post is inspired by Zooey Deschanel's makeup in this week's episode of New Girl. While her makeup is usually the same every time we see her on or off screen, this week a little color was added to her eyes -- orange. It made her blue eyes pop even more, and I didn't even know that was possible. Having blue eyes myself, I decided to recreate the look for myself -- a couple of orange and peach eyeshadows that I own coming to mind. That left me diving into my makeup collection to see what I have in orange, and well I'll just show you what happened.

Yes, I have more orange shades than I thought and some palettes that have been grossly neglected.

On Zooey, the rest of her makeup was the same as it usually is with a soft peachy cheek and a bright but sheered out red lip. On myself, I used a mixture of MAC Mythology and Laura Mercier Baroque on the eyes with brown liner, a nude cheek, and a glossy rosy lip. I tried a bright red orange lip, but it just didn't work for me with this look.

Here's some swatches of the orange and peach shades in my collection.

L-R: Wet n wild Fergie Desert Festival palette 1)upper right color, 2) lower left; Wet n wild Sparkle 'Til Morning palette 3)right side eyelid 4)left side crease; 5)sonia kashuk eye on glamour palette; 6)The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude palette-Matt Singh; 7)Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs palette 10 Rue des Francs Bourgeois - middle color
L-R: 1)Laura Mercier Baroque; 2)MAC Mythology; 3)MAC All That Glitters; 4) MAC Paradisco; 5)Lorac Unzipped palette Unreal and 6)Unbelievable;7) Tom Ford Eye Color Quad 02 Cognac Sable -sparkle top right

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