Total Intensity by Prestige Long Term Relationship Fierce Color Eyeshadows

I have heard such great things about Prestige. People rave about their mascaras and lip liners, but when I saw the Total Intensity eyeshadows at Ulta, I knew this was something I needed to try. This is a line of 9 shimmery eyeshadow singles and 4 trios. With a price of only $8.49, I acquired 3 of the singles in the colors Bewitched, Black Magic, and Hocus Pocus. Can we just start with these names? They are so perfect for this time of year!

Bewitched, Black Magic, Hocus Pocus

Bewitched is the most neutral of the colors in the entire line. It's a beautiful shimmery beige taupe brown. Black Magic is an intense black with silver sparkles. Hocus Pocus is an amazing duo chrome shade. It looks almost black in the package, but I get bits of green and burgendy depending on how the light hits it. In the pan, Hocus Pocus really reminds me of MAC's Club eyeshadow, but as you can see below, it is far more intense. Club almost looks like a darker version of Bewitched when swatched.

Hocus Pocus, MAC Club

Bewitched, Black Magic, Hocus Pocus, MAC Club

These colors are so beautiful, but they are tricky to apply. When applied dry and with a brush, these eyeshadows have some major fallout and have a patchy application. I had less fallout and application issues when I applied using a wet brush. This turned the product into a cream consistency making it easier to apply. My favorite method of application for these eyeshadows is to use my fingers. I am not a fan of using my fingers to apply powder eyeshadows, but for these unique gems it really is the best way. You can really build up the color and keep fallout to a minimum.

Overall, these are amazing eyeshadows that would be perfect for a dramatic Halloween look or to add some shimmer to your daily makeup routine.
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  1. I love the kohl eyeliner from prestige. I haven't tried their eyeshadows yet though. Bewitched is so pretty.

  2. I haven't tried the kohl liner, but I'll check it out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Amazing eyeshadows, perfect for halloween! Such a good recommendation!