Color focus: Mauve eyeshadow

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Because of all of the bold and red lips I have been loving, I have been using more mauve toned eyeshadows, most of them being in a matte finish.  Mauve is a great way to have a bit of understated color on the eye while still having the lips make the major statement.

Here's a look into what I have in single eyeshadows.

Bottom to Top: Burberry Rosewood,Urban Decay Tease, Estee lauder Mischievous Mulberry, Laura Mercier Cashmere, MAC Quarry

Bottom to Top: Chanel Fauve, MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Smoky Mauve

All of these have a true mauve dirty purple hue in the pan, but some of these pull other colors when swatched. Both Rosewood and Tease seemed more brown. Mischievous Mulberry looks to be the most true dirty purple shade of the bunch. Cashmere became a muted dirty pink, and Quarry, which I thought would be very similar to Cashmere, became a mauve brown.Fauve is probably more in the taupe family, but this can pull a little purple depending on the lighting. Despite the name, Smoky Mauve looks more pink to me, like a slightly darker sparkly version of Cashmere, but maybe that's just me. Either way, this eyeshadow is beautiful on the eyelids and very fun to wear.

My favorite to swatch was the Laura Mercier Cashmere. For a matte, it was very creamy and did not get powdery like most matte eyeshadows and applied smoothly. The other matte shades were smooth without getting powdery also, but there was a noticeable difference with the Laura Mercier. I definitely will be taking a look at more of the shades from Laura Mercier's Matte Eye Color selection.

Swatched many of these fall into the taupe category, but I still love them all for a bold lip look.
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