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"A spa. Isn't that like your mothership?" This may quite possibly be my favorite line from Legally Blonde. There's nothing I seem to enjoy more these days than a new spa treatment, especially one that can ease my tired muscles and joints. I've turned into a bit of a gym rat in the past couple of years, and while I love seeing the results of my time with the barbell, I often feel a little achy. The Float Spot in Frisco, TX sounded like just what I needed.

In the lobby

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What is The Float Spot?
So what exactly do you do at The Float Spot that's so different from any other spa? So glad you asked! You float! Say what?! This isn't your typical floating around in a pool. You float in your own i-sopod of 300 gallons of water that has 1100 pounds of medical grade Epsom salts in it that's heated to approximately 92 degrees Fahrenheit. My husband and I were so curious about how floating would make us feel, so we just had to try it.

My i-sopod

This is still confusing. How exactly does this work?
Floating times come in 30 minute, 60 minute, or 90 minute floats. We both opted for 30 minute floats. When we got to The Float Spot, we were taken to our own rooms that have a the i-sopod and a shower. Before you begin your float, you quickly rinse off in the shower just to remove the natural oils in your skin. Then, still in your birthday suit, you get into your i-sopod and close the lid. You can keep the lid open, but you do have a lot of room. I thought I wouldn't like being in an enclosed space, but you have a lot of room in there! The blue light inside of the i-sopod stays on for a few minutes, and there's a button inside the pod that you can press to keep it on. I was particularly relaxed by calming sounds of the ocean that were on for the first few minutes. Once the light and sounds are off, you're just there, floating in a state that must be the closest experience to being in the womb. It was quite tranquil. The only part that I did not find relaxing was that my neck and shoulders kept getting tense. I couldn't find a position that was comfortable for my upper body. A few minutes before your time is up, the light and the ocean sounds come back on. You know your time is completely up when the filtration system comes on and the water begins to move. My 30 minutes went by so quickly!

You shower off when you're finished. The shower has shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner for you, and all of it is paraben and sulfate free! Once you have finished showering and are dressed, you can go to a counter in the back that has hair dryers and styling products. They had a wet brush there, and I have added to a list of things I must buy. It went through my wet hair with such ease!

Things to remember (some of this is on the spa website)
-Don't shave right before you go! It will sting your skin if you do, and the salts will sting any little cuts or skin issues you have. I had some irritation on my scalp that stung a little when I first got in, but it wasn't bad.

-If you're particular about your hair products, then bring your own. I should have brought my own shampoo, but luckily I liked what they had.

-Drink a lot of water after you leave.

Final Thoughts
It was extremely relaxing and helped ease a bit of hip pain I was having from my tough workouts. The 30 minute float seemed short, so the 60 is probably the better option. I am glad that I opted for the 30 minute float instead of a longer one because I wasn't really sure how I would like the experience. I'm glad I tried it, and it was definitely the most unique spa treatment I have ever had.

What's the strangest spa treatment you've had? Did it work?

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-xoxo Lauren

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