Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eye Shadows 7 & 8

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Quick and easy cream eyeshadows have been my most worn eyeshadows of the moment. In an attempt to try something similar but different, I decided to try a couple of the Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eye Shadows.

These shadows are not cream eyeshadows, but the packaging is the same. The best way that I can describe these is that they're a pressed pigment in a pot. They come with a little stopper that you keep in with them and keeps the product from crumbling. If you decide to get one, then make sure you don't throw it away!

L-R: 7-8 indoor artificial light
Top-bottom: 8-7 direct sunlight
As you can see, I got numbers 7 and 8. I thought both of these would look great worn alone or worn together. Usually, I will start out meaning to only wear one, and I end up applying the other one too! In the pictures below, I have 8 on the lid and 7 in the crease and outer corner. I also like to wear 7 on the lid and into the crease and then apply 8 to the inner 3rd of the lid and around the inner corner. Number 8 looks really nice as an inner corner highlight.

No. 8 on the lid and 7 in the crease and outer corner

These are pressed pigments, so you get a lot of fallout when you use a brush to apply these eyeshadows. I prefer to just use my fingers to apply these. I don't get any fallout when I use my fingers, and I get a smoother application. The shadows applied just a little bit patchy when I used a brush. 

Overall, I'm really liking Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eye Shadows. I really love the whole pressed pigment idea! As much as I love cream eyeshadows right now, I get so disappointed when they dry out. These eyeshadows make it easy to achieve a high shine glam look without a lot of effort, but they manage to be very wearable at the same time. I like to think of them as being wearable but special. 

Have you tried these? Are there any other colors that I should try? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks so much for stopping by! 

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