Easy Essential Oils DIYs

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Hello, everyone! I hope you are doing well. Today, I have a bit of a different blog post for you. I thought I would try some easy DIYs using essential oils. I do use essential oils in my daily life, but that is mostly limited to putting a few drops of lavender in my bath water or lemongrass in a foot soak. When I received these essential oils from InstaNatural, I knew what I wanted to try.

When I saw the peppermint, I knew I wanted to find a natural bug repellent recipe to try. Mosquitoes seem to like me, and I end up spending most of the summers covered in DEET. I found this bug spray recipe, and decided to make a small batch of it. Here's how I made my own bug repellent.

  • Fill half of the container with distilled or boiled water.
  • Fill the other half with witch hazel.
  • Add a drop of vegetable glycerin.
  • Add 6-15 drops of each essential oil. (6 drops of citronella, tea tree oil; 10 drops of lemongrass; 15 drops of peppermint oil)
Even though I added less of the citronella than the other oils, that's all I can smell when I spray this. I'm looking forward to putting this to the test when the weather is warmer!

To use the lemon oil, I decided to make an all-purpose cleaner. I found some inspiration from this post. You only need 3 ingredients to make this natural antibacterial spray: water, white vinegar, and lemon oil or any other essential oil with antibacterial properties.

To make, you mix 9 parts water with 1 part white vinegar and add essential oils. I added around 20 drops of lemon essential oil to mine, but you can add more if you're using a larger bottle.

I used this spray to clean my bathroom counter tops, and I was surprised by how well it worked. I wasn't expecting it to be as effective as chemicals, but it was!

For someone that doesn't really do many DIYs, these were easy! Do you use essential oils? Have any favorite DIYs? Let me know!

-xoxo Lauren

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