Yves Saint Laurent Blur Primer & Blur Perfector

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Primer is an item that I've always found to be a little tricky. My skin can get a bit oily at times, so many primers feel just plain heavy and uncomfortable on my face. When I received #YSLToucheEclat courtesy of Influenster, I was both trilled (a box of YSL!!) and a bit concerned with how my skin would react.

I use primers and skin pefectors just on the areas of my face that need priming or perfecting. I choose not to test or use any primers on my chin or around my mouth because that area is more prone to breakouts. 

Blur Primer gold flecks - blended out

This primer is described as a blurring and illuminating primer for maximizing skin radiance, and there are gold flecks in it! I wasn't so sure about this at first, but once it's blended in the gold particles aren't really noticeable at all. Even after I apply even a light bb cream I don't notice them. I would think that the gold flecks would make lines and skin texture more noticeable, but that isn't the case. This primer makes my skin look smoother, so it does live up to it's blurring claims. Even though my skin doesn't sparkle with glitter from this primer, it does make my skin look more radiant. It seems to blur the dullness away. This "gel-fluid" does contains silicones, so beware if you're sensitive to that. I will say that as far as silicone based primers go, the Touche Eclat Blur Primer is on the lighter side. This primer does extend the wear of my foundation, but super oily areas like my nose still need a bit of a touch up. The Blur Primer will help if you have oily skin, but it may not go the distance for extra long and humid days. For that, I recommend the next product.

This is described as a concentrated instant blur in a balm-powder formula. The product in the compact is a light pink balm (that is colorless when you apply it) with an almost imperceptible gold shimmer. I can barely see any shimmer at all when I look at it and none when I apply it. The balm to powder claims are accurate. The Blur Perfector feels like a gel-like balm then immediately dries to a powder finish. The product comes with a pouf for application and a pouch to store everything. There's an extra compartment in the pouch for keeping the pouf. I'm not sure how practical the pouch will be for storing in the long term, though. 

Product pouch with compartment for pouf
This product can be used in three differnt ways.

1. All over as  a complexion perfector - I think they really mean this as a replacement for your foundation, but I like to use it as a heavy duty primer (similar to how you would use Benefit Porefessional). It fills in pores, blurs out texture issues, and wipes out shine. My foundation applied smoothly over the perfector and lasted all day without shine.

2. Finishing touch after completing makeup - You can tap the product on over makeup to set it. Tapping it in won't disturb or remove any makeup you've just applied. I didn't really think this method would work for me, but it did. It's sort of like applying primer after your makeup.

3. Touching up throughout the day - This my favorite way to use this product. Simply tap on any areas that get shiny during the day. It takes away the shine without removing your makeup.

I really enjoyed getting to try both of these products. Both of these are appropriate for all skin types. I would recommend the Blur Primer for drier skin or for those of you who prefer a traditional primer, and I would recommend the Blur Perfector for people with oily skin or for those who want something to use for touch ups. I'm grateful to Influenster for sending me this box because I would not have tried these products on my own, and it turns out that I really like them! Yay to finding new favorites!

Do you have a favorite primer? Let me know yours in the comments below!

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