YSL Pop Water Glossy Stains

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As a blogger, I constantly see and enter giveaways. Most of the time I quickly enter a giveaway and then immediately forget about it. A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to actually win one, and it was a good one. If you don't follow Canadian beauty editor, Dave Lackie, on Twitter and Instagram, then you need to get on it! He's constantly running different giveaways on his accounts, and they're for amazing products. I won five of the YSL Glossy Stains from the Pop Water collection.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. I do have two of the same color.

The YSL Glossy Stains are my favorite lip products of the moment (see previous review here), so I'm very happy to review part of the Pop Water collection. This collection was released as part of the Spring/Summer collection 2015, but unfortunately, a couple of these colors are limited edition. There are eight permanent colors in the Pop Water collection, though.

208 Wet Nude, 205 Pink Rain, 211 Rose Cascade, 209 Aquatic Fuchsia

The Pop Water Glossy Stains come in the same packaging as the others. The only difference I notice is the YSL logo is black instead of red. The applicator is exactly the same. The color payoff for the Pop Water colors is supposed to be watery and bit sheer or as YSL describes it, "a translucent pop of color." One swipe of color will give you a more sheer color payoff, but you can build up the color. I received 208 Wet Nude (2 of these), 205 Pink Rain, 211 Rose Cascade (limited edition), 209 Aquatic Fuchsia (limited edition). 

208 Wet Nude
208 Wet Nude is a light nude with peachy undertones. This one is the most translucent of all of these, and it may not show up very well on very pigmented lips. I really like this over a nude lipstick. You wouldn't think that these would work over a lipstick, but they do!

205 Pink Rain is a light pink shade. This one builds up nicely to a Barbie pink color.

211 Rose Cascade is one of the limited edition colors, but it is similar to 205 Pink Rain. 211 Rose Cascade is more of a blue toned pink. It could pull a little lavender depending on your skin tone. 

209 Aquatic Fuchsia is a deep berry pink. This color is my favorite, so it saddens me to say that it's limited edition. This would be a great color to use as a gloss. I think it would look nice over Revlon's Cherries In The Snow lipstick. I need to try it! 
Top - bottom: 209 Aquatic Fuchsia, 211 Rose Cascade, 205 Pink Rain, 208 Wet Nude
I'm so grateful to Dave Lackie for sending these. YSL Glossy Stains get more use than any other lipsticks or glosses in my collection. If I'm busy, then I can't be bothered with any product I need to reapply.

Have you tried anything from the YSL Pop Water collection?

P.S. I didn't mean to take a hiatus from the blog and visiting all of your blogs. I got busy, and then when I had time my Internet went out. So frustrating! I missed all of you!

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