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Sheet masks aren't new, even in the US, but they are relativity new to me. You see, I didn't like the first sheet mask I tried, and that pretty much led me to think that maybe these sheet mask things weren't for me. Luckily, I had the chance to try some sheet masks from When that had me take another look at them!

Here's a little about the brand from When:


When, launched by J.C People in July 2011, is a premium face mask brand taking extra care of your skin at anytime, anywhere, in any situations. High-quality and unique, our face masks have been receiving overwhelming responses from overseas buyers. Headquartered in Korea, we have successfully started our international expansion in November 2012 by launching in the US via the world's largest cosmetics sales channel, Sephora. We have further expanded to reach Europe, China, and the Middle East. We strive to become a worldwide leading face mask brand.


When’s core target consumers are active modern ladies who have multiple roles and responsibilities to juggle and are always pressed for time. We aim to provide our customers with simple, hassle-free yet fun experience in skin care for the special ‘me-moments’. 


Our mission is to develop and deliver sustainable, high value-adding products with innovative functions and creative design. We want to offer reliable products with:
1) low irritation risk and 2) high effectiveness that consumers can buy with 3) confidence.

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The instructions for each mask are the same. After you've washed a dried your face, you peel off the paper and the cloth side of the mask, and smooth it over your face.  Leave on the mask for 30 minutes, and rub in the extra product. 

The first product I tried was the Snow Magic mask, and (spoiler alert!) of the masks are similar. Here's what I noticed about all of the masks:

  • lots of product in each mask
  • The mask itself feels gel-like and cool on the face.
  • Even though there's plenty of product, it doesn't feel sticky or heavy when the mask is removed.
  • product massages in easily and absorbs quickly
When Snow Magic - When you want to lighten up, put on When Snow Magic. When bio-cellulose sheet mask for face contains gentle, moisturizing ingredients to help your skin find its radiance and charm.

  • I'm not sure if this made my skin brighter, but it did feel hydrated and more radiant in that way.
When 10:00 PM - When your skin feels tired, find comfort with When 10:00 PM. When bio-cellulose sheet mask for face contains gentle-moisturizing ingredients to help your skin look refreshed.

  • This felt a lot like the Snow Magic mask. My skin did feel refreshed and hydrated.

When Glamour Base - When you want to look beautiful for that special day, prepare with When Glamour Base. When bio-cellulose sheet mask for face contains gentle, moisturizing ingredients to help you look glamorous.

  • This mask was very moisturizing. I put on makeup after I used this one, and I liked how my skin looked. You can use any of these masks before applying makeup, but this one was the most moisturizing.
Any of the When masks are a good idea when you are tired and need a relaxing treat. I prefer to recline when I use a sheet mask because I'm afraid they're going to fall off of my face if I'm up moving around. These masks won't fall off of your face if you have things to do, but why waste a perfectly good chance to relax? When masks are perfect for an at-home spa day, or in preparation for a night out, or just because you have some extra time to treat yourself.

You can find more information about When masks at http://whenmask.com/. They can be purchased at Ulta, Sephora, Anthropologie, BeautyChoice, and Birchbox.

Do you like sheet masks? Which ones are your favorites? I love your recommendations!

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