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I was lucky enough to receive one of the Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic eyeshadow palettes courtesy of Influenster. I received the Edgitorial palette that contains golds, greens, and neutrals. This palette has 7 shades in a nice mix of finishes, ranging from matte to reflective glitter. The matte shades are creamy and blendable.  The reflective glitter shades really pop on the eyes, and I find that applying them with the fingers is the best way to keep fallout to a minimum. The shimmery taupe shade, Making A Scene, is one of my favorites for a wash of color on the eyes as a one-shade eyeshadow look. The two darkest shades work really well as liners. I have gotten good use out of every single shade in this palette! Here's my take of each shade!

Take A Memo is a matte bone shade that I use under my brows or as a base shade. 

Next Season is a glitter light gold shade. I use my finger to press this shade where I use my finger to press this shade where I want it. Glitter shades tend to get everywhere if brushed on, so I think lightly pressing it in is best. I suppose you could do that with a brush, but using my fingers seems the most convenient to me. 

We'll See is a matte medium brown that I use in the crease. I really like this shade and have been using it with other palettes, as well. 

Pleather Python is a gold glitter. It felt like a pressed pigment when I was swatching it. I love this shade. 

Like Next Season, I press this one on my lid where I want it placed. This shade is the star of the palette. 

Making A Scene is a shimmery taupe. This is one of my favorite shadows for a oneshade eyeshadow look. Apply it all over the lid and blend it out into the crease and go! 

Enviously is a matte dark green. I've used this as an outer corner color and as a liner. Not what I typically go for, but it works! 

Everywhere has a black base with gold shimmers. I've used the as a liner, and did not get any fallout from it. 

Overall, I ended up liking this palette so much more than I thought I would. The fact that it has a matte bone shade and a matte brown really makes this a grab and go palette for me. 

What do you think of the Marc Jacobs EyeConic eyeshadow palettes? Do you have any of them?

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